Sambar Shoulder Mount .. .Shoulder Mount

Shoulder mount

Being the most favored type of mount, this offers our costumers options such as sneak, semi sneak or upright poses. We recommend turning the head to either side to display the trophy to its full potential and give the mount a more life like look. This will also depend on where on the wall it will be hanging to display it well. Having the ears either forward or back or one each way can change the look and attitude of a mount dramatically.

pedestal ....Floor Pedestal

Pedestal mount

There are two choices: wall or floor pedestal. The benefit of choosing a wall pedestal over a conventional shoulder mount is, that you can have more of a turn and show more of the shoulder and hence retain the nice spots of the fallow, chital or sika for example, which would not show on a normal shoulder mount.

Furthermore a well designed floor pedestal is more of an artistic display, which can be placed anywhere in your home and the base can be made as a natural habitat or out of material preferred by our customer. Also, there is no need to worry about antler clearance with the wall - a very good choice for a roaring mount.

Chamois Mount ....

Full body mount

It is the ultimate choice for that once in a lifetime trophy. Mounted in a life like pose true to the species, a full body mount is an impressive sight where the animal will be displayed on a natural habitat base.
Bigger displays will often be fitted with wheels for easy maneuverability.

Mounted Antlers ....

Tanned skins, antlers on shield & repair work

We also tan flat skins, mount antlers on shields and repair damaged mounts.

Rug mount

This is a normal choice used for those who don’t want a full body mount. It shows off the beautiful skin of bears and big cats.

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